Types of Litigation Financing


Litigation financing is meant for assisting the plaintiffs who have a lawsuit but lack enough financial support to reach the conclusion of the case and get their settlement.  Litigation companies do not give loans to the plaintiffs but are mainly concerned with investing in the lawsuit.  This finance is not based on a plaintiff's previous credit or bankruptcy status.

The interest rates charged by different Bentham IMF litigation companies for the financial assistance are different.  It goes without saying that the litigation funding companies take a lot of risks when they choose to invest in the lawsuit instead of giving the plaintiff a loan.  It is normal for a judge to dismiss a case even if it has a strong basis.  Due to the risks involved, these litigation finance companies charge high-interest rates on the cases that are successful so that they can make up for the cases that have been unsuccessful.  It is possible to find funding companies that consider multipliers to be better than the interest rates.

If you seek the services of Bentham financial litigation companies; you will not struggle in any way to find financial resources to help you fight the case.  This assistance is offered to any person who lacks the means to fight a case.  As long as a person is a lawyer who is involved in your case, they are not allowed to provide the clients with the means to get the case settled.  However, the advocates are not prevented from telling the plaintiffs the various litigation financing options they can check out.  Plaintiffs have several funding options they can seek financial assistance from.

The petitioners can check out the plaintiffs funding.  This means that the plaintiff does not have to repay the loan if the case is lost.  The plaintiff is required to pay high rates if they win the case.  The amount received from the plaintiffs funding is limited to only a certain percent of the expected settlement amount.

The plaintiffs can also use the post-settlement financing.  This assistance can be of great help when there is a delay in receiving the settlement after the case has been resolved.. This financing is offered on a non-recourse basis. 

If you are an injury victim, you are qualified for the financial assistance from these companies.  Attorney litigation financing is also another financial choice.  You can either pay or not pay after the case has been resolved successfully.

If you are a plaintiff, you can consider using appellate financing to get the best lawyer for your case.  It also provides funds to plaintiffs so that they can satisfy their monetary needs and have to pay if the case is successful. Check out this website at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/bradley-t-borden/thirdparty-litigation-fin_b_3201167.html for more info about finance.

You should know all the facts that concern litigation financing before you use it.  As a plaintiff, it is always a good idea to choose a funding company with a good image.